Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heartland Outdoors Magazine

I am super excited! I have been asked to write a monthly column for Heartland Outdoors Magazine and a weekly blog post online to join some of Illinois' elite outdoor bloggers! Heartland is fast becoming Illinois premier outdoor magazine and website! Here is my bio for my Heartland Blog. Yep, they gave me the title of The Lake Doctor! I really enjoy writing and look forward to the new challenge. I dropped out of college a couple times and my english isnt always proper, but let's just hope they have some good editors!

Anyhow I hope if your reading this you will pick up a subscription to Heartland Outdoors and read my monthly article. My first article was called Rainbow Trout in Farm Ponds. I am sure my articles will be available online at some point, but still reading the mag in person is much much better. Just make sure you tell the subscription person your subscribing because of the new lake management content!!! A subscription only costs like $1.50 per issue mailed right to your door.

Here is the latest issue! If you look real close at the bottom you will see my name on the Cover!!

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  1. Dr. Nate....hmmmm, it has a certain ring to it:)


    ps. wasn't that a nice comment???