Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Installing a Goose Pit

Today Justin and I installed a Bradley Blind Goose Pit for a goose hunting club near Canton, IL. We have actually become the official goose pit installers for Bradley Blinds. Anyhow this pit went on a small island in the middle of a wetland that is planted with all kinds of goodies for ducks and geese to eat. Once the blind is completely finished and the exposed dirt is planted with winter wheat, the hunting club is going to flood the wetland with 3' of water.

Here are some pics of the instalation.

First we dug a big hole and then we plopped in the blind. Next we anchored the blind with 6 earth anchors and 2500 lbs of sakrete. Then we filled the dirt back in and finished the grade.

Here is the nearly finished product with Herman Brother's finest male model showcasing a job well done:

Here is a video of Bradley Blinds featured on Flyway Highway Outdoor TV Show

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