Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shocking, Stocking, Consulting, and Goose Blinding

I couldn't classify this week as my busiest week ever, but definitely it has to be close. Its Thursday night late and I just finished a lake management plan for a subdivision lake in Bloomington. I am winding down listening to Sportcenter in the background jotting down thoughts for my diary.... This morning started at 5:30 am when I headed out delivering fish and is ending 300 miles and 18 hours later. Technically though when I am writing I am still on the clock.....

Anyhow it seems like we packed a weeks worth of work into every single day this week. Monday started out well before light when we loaded up a fish truck at 5 am and shipped a load of our prized feed trained smallmouth bass down to a client in North Carolina. I still have people from Tennessee that want a load of these special smallmouth, but I wont be able to meet demand this fall. I am completely out. Next year I plan on raising a whole bunch more for sure!

Moving on, we installed this texas hunter deer blind for a client on tuesday and planted a whole bunch of winter wheat for some geese:

Wednesday I did an onsite consultation for heartland hills subdivision lake in Bloomington in the morning and then installed this goose blind with Justin for a client in Fulton County in the afternoon.

Then finished off Wednesday night helping my brother in law get ready to set trusses on his house in Cobblestone estates.

Thursday started well before the sun. Our first stop was to Benningfields lakes where we stocked some rainbow trout, channel catfish, grass carp, and albino catfish. Next stop was to Hidden Lakes Farms where we stocked a whole bunch of rainbow trout in the trout lake, golden shiners in the smallmouth lake, feed trained bass in the trophy lake, and hybrid stripers into the striper lake. Next Justin went to Sherman and Bryant property with a whole tank full of fathead minnows and golden shiners to get their new pond started right while I went to Ted Rigginbach's and Edwin Petersons to stock some big rainbow trout. I put some 4, 5, and even an 8 lb rainbow trout into Edwins small pond for our big ice fishing extravaganza this winter! (if your his friend, hopefully you get invited!!!) Then I met back up with Justin at Doug Oberhelmans trout lake and loaded him up with a tank load of trout for Cullinans trout lake while I stocked Doug's. From their we went to Norris to supplement a few trout and from there Justin went to Gary Glovers lake to stock a whole bunch of hybrid striped bass, albino catfish, channel catfish and rainbow trout. I headed off to White Oak Lake in Germantown Hills to stock hundreds of lbs of golden shiners. I expect great things from that lake in the near future! By about 7 pm I was home and been working on paperwork pretty much ever since.

Some fish stocking pics:

Friday I have some more paperwork to get ready for next weeks fish stockings in the morning, some shipments to get out from online orders and then we will be putting in another Bradley Goose Blind in the afternoon for a client. I am staying at the lake Friday night to get ready for a fishing trip on Saturday. I am taking Fred Funk from Morton and his two boys out walleye fishing saturday morning. Now that is some work I definitely look forward to!

Sunday I will sleep.

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