Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster Fulton County Buck Bowkill

Very few hunters get lucky enough to kill a Boone and Crockett caliber deer in their lifetime. Some hunters get lucky enough to kill a Boone and Crockett caliber deer more than once in their lifetime. Some very skilled hunters get lucky enough to kill a Booner every few years or so. Then there is Ryan Pudik. He doesn't just kill one monster buck of a lifetime every year, but he usually gets two with his bow.

Here is the behemoth he shot last night. It worked out conveniently that I was headed to do some work out at Otter Creek and was able to snap these pics:

Here are the stories and pics of the two giants he shot last year:
Otter Creek Monster Deer
Another Otter Creek Monster Deer

Ryan isn't just an average hunter though. He is a land specialist who not only knows the ins and outs of hunting, but he also knows deer and land. Kind of like many people know how to fish, but not many people know fish. That actually is the key to being able to catch fish consistently, kind of like how Ryan kills big deer consistently.

Anyhow I have been working on many of the same projects over the last few years that Ryan has also been working on, and just this year we have teamed up to together to provide complete turnkey land and lake management services. Also in order to offer a full line of hunting and land improvement products along with our services we joined up with Jared Plattner of Our goal is to eventually become the best full service lake and land management company in the nation. I am a dreamer I know, but it takes a determined dreamer to accomplish great things! One by one we are putting together the pieces of the puzzle.


  1. nate, forget the rack, did you see the size of the nose on that thing...i'd just get the nose mounted:)

  2. Ok great, as long as I can display it in your living room we will do just that!

  3. I'll take a nose over the whole head anyday....hanging whole animal heads on walls is kind of a disturbing barbaric practice...had to be a guy that started that.