Monday, November 1, 2010

Stocking Pike and Shocking Bass

Last week we stocked a whole bunch of 16 inch northern pike for many people. Also some last minute trout and albino white catfish as well. It takes awhile to drive all over central illinois dropping 10 fish here and there. Anyhow here is pic of what the northern pike looked like. They were nice fat fish:

We also tore down lots of old fences for a client and will make rabbit structures out of them on the backside of the farm. Here is Ryan Pudik going to town in the skid steer:

Then on Saturday we electrofished for some fellas in Fulton County. They have some real nice lakes filled with some real nice fish. Just need a bit of tweaking and they will maximize and utilize just a bit better.

Today I had a few morning meetings about the fishing park, then went and cleaned up all the trash at the park before I headed to electrofish for a fishing and camping club in the afternoon. I have a couple very important meetings at and about the park coming up this week! I have to give a speech at one of them wednesday night so I am kinda nervous about that.

Justin installed another Bradley Goose Blind for a client in fulton county and then he headed to Bloomington to some golf cart land to check out recreational golf cart options for a client for driving around his farm.

Anyhow, here are some pics from the electrofishing survey at the club. This is a redear sunfish:

Here is a big largemouth bass:

Here is a bigger largemouth bass:

Anyhow I didn't get the name of the kid in the photos above, but let me just say that he has the exact same disease as I have. Its in his blood and there is nothing you can do about it except deal with it and give the guy a fishing pole. He was on the bank following us all the way around the lake, and the moment we landed on shore he was in the boat staring at the tank of fish. I just smiled inside knowing this kid has been blessed with the most amazing obsession. That boy will enjoy life, the other kids running around in la la land will probably just enjoy playstation or some simulated form of recreation.


  1. Getting kind of tired looking at the same pictures over and over. When are you going to update? You can't be that busy this late in the year!

  2. Actually been super busy lately. I have 12 days left for the year and have more to get done than I can handle!