Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nate's Big Game Blog

Here is a monster Cape Buffalo that was harvested on an African hunting and fishing trip by one of Steve Ryan's buddies. Steve is a good fishing buddy of mine.

Steve just stuck to fishing while in Africa and caught some real nice fish too. Here is one Tiger fish that I am truly envious of:

He got back from Africa a couple weeks ago and then headed straight to Florida to fish for Snakeheads. They are an invasive species down there, but sure look like a lot of fun to catch!

Keeping with the theme of Big Game, one of my clients is currently in Montana hunting for Mule Deer and Elk. He texted over this pic of a monster 7x6 bull elk earlier this morning.
I am hoping his kids can connect this week as well, because I am looking forward to a years supply of elk burgers!!!!

Here is super Southern Illinois buck trail cam picture from earlier this year.

Here is that same Southern Illinois buck harvested by a different Steve on Friday! That is pretty awesome accomplishment!!

Some day I am going to Africa hunting and fishing, some day I will fish for snakeheads and other exotics, some day I am going to chase big Elk through the mountains, and some day I will post a trail cam pic and harvest pic of my own trophy buck! If those days never come, at least I have some good visuals to daydream about. Thanks fellas for sharing your amazing pics!

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  1. Hi nathan, thats snakehead fish is very big and unique in your territory, I'm from Indonesia and i like fishing a snakehad. Maybe you can give more story about your fishing trip at freshwater