Monday, November 29, 2010

Florida Keys Day 7 Grouper

Today we followed local fishing legend Larry around all day. He was fishing with his wife, son and a couple friends in his boat. We had dad, chad, justin, amy, and jared in our boat. We literally followed them around and anchored up right next to them at 4 different spots out in the Atlantic Ocean. He put us on some serious fish! Many of the big boys would take our baits into the rocks and break us off, but Amy managed to wrestle this beast up off the bottom!

We caught a bunch of grouper using live pinfish on the bottom in 30-50 foot of water, but only kept the 3 biggest. Here is one that I caught, not as big as Amy's, but still a really big fish!

We moved to another spot that was loaded with lane snapper. Here is a really nice lane snapper caught on cut sardines:

Larry took us to some awesome spots and we loaded up on just an absolute ton of fish! Here is our pile laying on the dock en route to the cleaning table:

It really doesnt get any better than catching all of those fish on relatively light tackle. Out in the atlantic the water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom even when fishing in 50 feet deep of water! It is just amazing out there. Turtles and dolphins and fish and tons of other crazy sea creatures are just everywhere!

Many thanks to Larry and his crew for helping us out tremendously!
Oh yeah, the girls went on a little adventure of their own today. They walked across a portion of the old seven mile bridge. It was funny because they thought there was a little restaraunt at the end to eat lunch at, but when they got there it was just a soda machine.....hehe

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