Saturday, November 13, 2010

Double Drop Tine Buck and Mega Striped Bass

Casey Carey shot this awesome Knox County buck last night. The does were out in the field and this buck came in from behind in the timber at 20 yards. After the shot, the buck went 40 yards and conveniently fell just a few yards away from where we parked the truck on our way in to get the deer. That doesn't happen very often and neither does an amazing unique rack such as this!

We think this guys antlers got bent sometime during development. I don't know how a deers antlers would bend and not break, but this guy has some awesome character! Anyone seen a bent antler before? Causes?

We think he was a relatively young deer, but definitely not one to pass up. He gross scored 172 inches, but obviously there are going to be some deductions, etc. What do you guys think about a deer such as this?

After we got him back to camp we had dinner at the Duck House. Its a neat little one room house overlooking a huge valley. We ate rotisserie prime rib and hybrid striped bass fillets and talked about hunting stories and strategies for the weekend!

Earlier in the day we went fishing and caught some real nice fish again. My mom caught this monster hybrid striped bass on a jighead tipped with a minnow. This is the new lake record! Chef Todd broke the lake record yesterday, but it only lasted for 24 hrs!

Justin with a nice largemouth bass on a strike king crankbait.

We caught quite a variety of fish. A handful of walleye, a 27 inch tiger muskie, some rainbow trout and some nice schoolie stripers which we ate for dinner!

Hopefully today another giant buck will walk a bit too close to a stand manned by a hunter! They are hot on does right now!!

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