Monday, November 22, 2010

Florida Keys Trip Day Two

Brace yourselves....Today I did not go fishing. The weather was a tad bit windy still and I didnt want to use up all of my brownie points for the week when the weather forecast looks so good offshore in the near future. Don't get me wrong, today was totally fishable, but not ideal.

Instead, we went swimming in the pool, took the kids on boat rides, took them to Sombrero Beach Park, set the pinfish trap, rigged up all the gear for tomorrows big adventure offshore, went out to dinner, played some games, and now I'm watching Monday Night Football and plugging away at this online diary.

Noah went with Grandpa and I to Shelter Bay in the boat early this morning. We had a few questions about the boat and they had a few answers. Anyhow the coolest part about that little journey across the bay was this huge Manitee. He came right up to us and the dock boy turned on the hose of fresh water and the manitee came right over for a drink! He said they love to drink freshwater. Boy do they ever, this guy was thirsty!

At the Sombrero Beach, the kids absolutely loved looking for snails and little critters. I love it when they dig right into exploring and capturing live stuff.

There was some pretty neat playground equipment at Sombrero Beach Playground. This contraption was also a merry go round. Seemed kind of dangerous in today's society of helmets and knee pads and car seats, but hey who am I to worry about such nonsense.....

On the way home from Sombrero Park we stopped in at Fish Tales Seafood Market and Eatery and ate some Mahi Mahi sandwiches and shared this buffalo bluecheese shrimp. The picture looks kind of gross like tomato soup vomit with chunky chunks of mystery meat, but those little fried shrimp bathed in super healthy buffalo goodness were rather heavenly! The fresh mahi sandwiches were out of this world good too!

Usually I can eat anything and everything with little to no consequences other than packing on some extra natural insulation for the upcoming cold winter ice fishing season, but that stuff was so rich that I actually just tasted a little bit of it again a few minutes ago and I'm not talking about the leftovers from the fridge. I need to go eat a banana or something to help my stomach feel better.

Hopefully tomorrow evening I won't have to dig very deep for content. If I don't have fish pictures to post only God knows what kind of material I will start digging up to fill the pages.......Could be very interesting or rather embarrasing for some if the fish don't bite!

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  1. Awesome posts on the Florida Keys trip. Keep em' coming. All of us in the cold northern states need to read about your warm adventures to keep us going. It sounds like your having the trip of a lifetime. I'm very envious as that is now something I have always wanted to do.