Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Florida Keys Day Four

Today we went snorkeling for Lobsters. I actually stayed back on the shore to play with the kids on the beach while Amy, Jared, Justin, Chad and Mom went out onto the rocky zones to pluck lobsters out of their holes. They had some good stories about barracudas and a big nurse shark along with a bit of lobster plucking! These kind of lobsters dont have any pinchers, but they have many razor sharp edges.

They caught tons of lobsters, but only 12 were big enough to keep. We were hoping for more to add to our Thanksgiving feast, but were super excited for the ones we did get! Here are a couple pics:

Spent the whole day just playing with Mae and Noah at Bahia Honda State Park and also at our swimming pool and went on a couple boat rides. One thing cool about the keys is there are iguanas everywhere. Noah absolutely loves them!

For dinner Brook and I put the kids to bed and headed out to the Keys Fisheries Seafood Market and Restaurant. This place was my exact kind of place! Some of the best and freshest seafood in the world straight from the boats docked at their harbor served down to earth from a cafeteria style order window. Unbelievably good! We feasted on chilled stone crab claws, stone crab chowder, grilled wahoo, and their world famous lobster reuben sandwich.

Tomorrow we will be fishing in the Atlantic at sunrise, lobster hunting in the Gulf mid-day and cooking up a seafood feast for Thanksgiving dinner!

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