Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida Keys Day 9 Fishing with Wives

Today's fishing trip was partially disguised as a relaxing sunset cruise with our wives, but that quickly changed into filling the fish box chaos when the fish started biting! Our quick 3 hour tour turned into a 6 hour fishing trip!

Amy and Jared with 2 of many cero and spanish mackeral:

Brook with nice mangroves and bluefish:

Julie with a monster mystery fish:

We missed some huge fish tonight as well. Justin fought a 50 lb cobia all the way up to the boat before it broke his line. Amy got spooled on our big rod while using a huge pinfish for bait. I tried wrestling a monster goliath grouper out of the wreck, but he was just a bit stronger than I was. Anyone of those fish we missed would have been once in a lifetime fish had we landed them.

Earlier in the day we took a quick trip out to the Atlantic to one of Bob Fortner's favorite fishing holes and we caught a bunch of groupers, mangrove, and yellowtail snappers. We only fished for 90 minutes before several guys on board started turning green. Once the natural chum started flowing we decided to head in to dry stable ground. Here is our mess of fish from our morning trip on the cleaning table:

We have a few days of vacation left, but only one more fishing trip. On Tuesday we are headed to the Dolphin Research Center with the kids, on Wednesday we are scuba diving and fishing in the Atlantic around Sombrero Key, on Thursday we are headed to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center, on Friday we get the boat put away, ship the fish home, etc and on Saturday morning we fly back home and back to realty and winter.


  1. Great fishing results! We hope you enjoyed visiting Dolphin Research Center.

  2. We did greatly enjoy the dolphin research center. super cool place, will post pics and videos hopefully soon!