Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Testing and Coordinating

Dear Diary,

Today is my 28th birthday. Been a super crazy week leading up to this the most hectic day. The Hooked on Fishing Park Annual fundraising dinner is Saturday night and I am the worlds best last minute late night planner (hopefully, cross your fingers if your coming Saturday night, and shame on you if your not coming).

In not much free time I was able to convince 300 people to come, coordinate the meal, put together 20 silent auction donations, some raffle prizes, and even some decorations. Also this week I filmed a fishing show with Hook and Hunt TV, played a volleyball game tuesday night and now my team is officially in first place. Thats not to mention working during the days at places like Cuba, Table Grove, and Peoria. That also doesnt mention studying like a mad man during the wee hours of the night for my realtor test yesterday. Since I passed that test I will be taking two tests this afternoon in Springfield.

Why the realtor license? Well, I have people continually asking me where lakes and land are for sale is one reason. Another reason is I do lots of work for people with lakes and land for sale. Also we plan on eventually developing some lakes and land for sale, and also I am becoming a land specialist for Illinois Land Company. Not that I have any free time at the moment, but there are times during the year where I don't have all that much going on and I think this could be a nice fit during those slow periods.

Anyhow I will abide by the posted speed limits somewhat this afternoon and rush home about 6 pm and have a party with my kids and then out the door for a much needed night out with Brook.

Saturday is the dinner with preparations all day. Monday I am heading to a consultation in Vandalia, IL. Tuesday I will be consulting in Brimfield, Wednesday and Thursday cutting trees down in Table Grove for a new house to be built next to an amazing 3 acre pond. Friday I don't have a clue at the moment. Hopefully just put everything else aside and head out crappie fishing (fat chance, but the thought is nice).

Now I am usually pretty low key, laid back, and calm amidst the usual chaos of everything happening at once. Today though I am just a wee bit stressed and looking forward to the fundraising dinner and testing to be done.

I should be studying right now, but had to take a break already today and its only 6 am. I guess one good thing about getting an early start is you get to eat two breakfasts.

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