Saturday, March 19, 2011

Filming Hook and Hunt TV Pond Series

Last week I went out to Bloomington to film the second segment in a pond series with Hook and Hunt TV. We basically are taking a 1/2 acre backyard pond and showing how to turn that little pond into a BIG fish producing factory. You will be amazed at how many and how big of fish we grow in this pond.

Here is the latest online clip hot off the press:

Here is the first one we filmed last fall:

The next segment we will be filming in about 2 weeks. It will be of installing the aeration system. We will talk in depth about exactly what the aeration system is and what it does for a pond.

Hey also I don't usually make requests like this, but if you could comment on the youtube videos either something funny, positive, or encouraging that would be much appreciated for several reasons. You don't even have to watch the whole video (it gets kinda long) to leave a comment.


  1. Nate
    Just watched the video, and for anyone who thinks they can't have numbers of species of fish in a small body of water, then they should watch and learn. I never thought you could have large strips and smallmouth in a half area pond. Interesting stuff here, keep sharing.

  2. I was glad to see the second installment of this series. I've been waiting for quite sometime to see how this the pond project was developing. I definitely look forward to more this year. Keep up the good work.