Saturday, March 26, 2011

Huge Fishing Sale, Portable Trout Pond, Mike Iacanelli

Hey guys, I just want to let you know that this Saturday and Sunday Presleys Outdoors in Bartonville is hosting a mega fishing sale to kick off the 2011 season! I will be down there both days helping people pick out the right gear and also we set up our portable trout pond inside the store for kids to come and fish!!

We stocked the pond with some catfish, bass, and a couple hundred big rainbow trout. For a $2 donation to the hooked on fishing park you can fish in the trophy pond, or a $10 donation you can actually take your trout home for dinner. Also we have 10 tagged fish in the pond that if you catch you win a brand new fishing rod and reel combo! Fun Stuff!!

Next, Mike Iacanelli, a pretty good bass fisherman and phenomenal speaker is coming in on Sunday and going to be signing autographs, sharing fishing stories, and at 11 am gonna give a seminar to 100's of kids from high school bass fishing teams from around the state. All are welcome to attend.

Ok, last thing, Chef Todd will be cooking Elk Burgers, Venison Hot Dogs, and other traditional grilled items both days! Stop on down for a gourmet bite to eat, grab some fishing gear 20% off, take the kids fishing in the pond, use the nice restroom facility in the store, talk to me or Mike about fish for a few minutes, bring your trout home for dinner, and wala you just made the most out of a 30 degree and windy weekend!

Leading up to this weekend has been pretty interesting. I did some consultations on some awesome fish projects, installed 1000' feet of new fence for a property line for a client in fairview, burned 100's of acres of prairie grasses, installed some fish feeders, and staked out a new hunting lodge we are building for a client.

I will take credit for all the work our guys did this week, but really Justin, Josh, Joel, Allen, and Ryan are ones who get all the work done. I am telling you that one thing that I have done good is assembled the best crew of workers on the planet. They are young, but each have their specialties and amazing unique abilities, and they all work extremely hard and long hours.

Justin is my brother and coowner of HB. He is our fix and rig up anything mechanic, engine guy, and run any type of equipment operator. Allen is our office manager/computer specialist, but he spent the last 3 summers spraying lakes and ponds with Justin. Josh is a professional bull rider and a carpenter, but everytime he breaks his ribs and liver and stuff we have him for a few months while he is recovering. Ryan is a land renovation and habitat specialist. Joel is a super athletic guy, but more if a pretty inside salesman as opposed to down and dirty redneck. He rides along with me for aeration installs, and helps out where needed. He has been a volunteer coordinator for the Childrens Home up in Leo, Indiana for the last 3 summers and will be coordinating the fishing park program for us this summer!!!

I figured it was time to introduce our crew. Like I said I get all the credit for all the work they do.

One last tidbit before I have to head out to Presleys. One of my consultations this week over near El Paso. A brand new one acre pond, 20 feet deep with currently no fish. The owner has a couple high school aged boys and a whole herd of high schoolers if you include his 2 or 3 daughters. They dont want to wait 3 years to be catching big fish, they want to make an instant bass fishing lake. In 3 years jimmy and johnny will be off to college.

For less than $2000 they will have an instant bass fishing lake by Memorial day with some awesome feed trained Arkansas Bass. These bass are the best genetic fish I have found on the planet (that work in our geographic area). We stock them at any size, but in this case at a 1.25 lb average with some in the 2 lb range and some in the 1/2 lb range. For $1000 worth of these bass, and $1000 worth of big catfish, hybrid bluegill, and regular bluegill these guys will have an instant fishing pond and will be catching 2-4 lb largemouth and 2-4 lb catfish by the end of the summer. They are going to feed the fish by hand for this summer to help em grow to their fullest potential.

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