Friday, March 18, 2011

Prescribed Burning and Tree Cutting

Wouldn't it just be sweet to build your house with this view of your very own freshly built pond?

Well, I am still a few hundred diapers, a bunch of school supplies, potentially a couple visits to the orthodontist, several trips to the emergency room, and countless other raising 3 children expenses away from being able to have such a cool backyard. I guess just working at such a cool place will have to do for the time being.

We spent a couple days this week staking out that new house and removing all the trees in the way of actually building it. There were several nice big walnut and oak trees that we cut up in 10 and 20 foot sections and hauled away to a buddies house for future milling. These first two pics are of Thursday morning and the last pic is of Thursday afternoon.

Justin and Josh finished cleaning up the lot and burning the trees today, and I went out to a consultation in Canton and then out to burn, talk strategy, and fish at Otter Creek. In Canton, I put together a game plan for growing big bluegills in a 29 acre lake, thinning out a bunch of 7 inch crappies in a 5 acre lake, and growing some monster bass in a 8 acre lake.

We burned some switchgrass today at Otter Creek. The time for burning is right now! We have a bunch of switchgrass, warm season grasses, and prairie fields to burn throughout Central Illinois yet in the next coming weeks. Here are some pics from today. Its amazing at how fast these fields burn! The fields are all set up and prepped properly to burn safely and efficiently.

Then we went out on the big lake looking for new spots to gps mark. We didn't fish too hard, but did take a few casts and were rewarded with a handful of nice bass and some small crappies.

Oh yeah heres a story from earlier in the day. I'm in Lewiston and the brakes on my truck decide to just stop working. Thank goodness it was at a spot where they weren't needed immediately and I coasted to the side of the road with the emergency break. A couple phone calls later and it turns out I was only 2 blocks from Lewiston Tire, Brakes, and Automotive. I dropped the truck off there and picked it up all fixed up with new brake lines on my way back home from Otter.

Its late, but I don't want to go to bed so you get some extra bonus thoughts from inside my crazy head. If I go to bed than tomorrow will be here and I am not looking forward to tomorrow one bit. In fact, tomorrow is about as bad as it gets. I have to go to a wedding and its at 1 pm! Who gets married on a spring saturday at 1 pm? Pretty much ruins the whole day for all your friends and family and other people obligated to attend. If your gonna make people come to your wedding at least have the decency to make it early in the morning or after sunset so your whole day isn't wasted........Ok so its not that bad, but its my blog and Sara and Tony don't read it. Even if they did, they are too googly eyed in love to even care about anything else happening in the world.

So my day is shot wearing nice clothes and being inside, but I do have a way out of the boring stuff. Drake just turned one year old and he can be very fussy (with maybe just a teeny tiny little and very humane safe prodding me and the boy are out wandering the halls)

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