Saturday, April 2, 2011

Burning More Prairie Grass

I worked late every night this week so I didn't get as much time with the kids as usual, so Friday evening I headed home at 5 pm and we all headed down to the Burger Barge and then over to the Hooked On Fishing Park. Although we walked around exploring and did a little fishing, sad to say the real reason we headed down there was to drop off some fish food to fill up the fish feeders, and come up with a list of stuff to do for the Kiwanis work day on Saturday. Anyhow we had a great time and caught some fish:

This week we finished our Warm Season Prairie Grass Burnings. Wednesday evening we burned over in Henry, Thursday morning over near Fairview, and Saturday over near Cuba. Here are a few pics, looks pretty sweet to have a clover patch bordering a 10 acre patch of prairie grass down in a creek valley eh?

We always burn the perimeter first before letting the fire roll with the wind.

Once the perimeter is burnt we divide the field in sections with fire and let er go until the fire puts itself out by running into an already burnt section.

This was our dividing line where the fire raced down with the wind, and then we move up another 100 yards and start the fire again with the wind.

This burning today in Fulton County was about 80 acres of prairie grass with some cool season grasses:

Lots and lots of smoke:

Pretty cool finished product:

After we got done burning this morning we worked on remodeling this camping trailer. We tore off the deck and striped down half the inside. We are taking it up to the Fox Chain of Lakes for a client and building a nice deck and screened porch once we get er up to there.

Then at the end of the day we headed over to our place at Norris to do our last burn of the spring! We are going to plant a mixture of 2 acres wheat, 2 acres corn, and 2 acres sunflowers in the field leading down to our lake, will be taking pics as that project progresses (if it progresses, our projects take a backseat to everyone elses).

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