Saturday, April 9, 2011

Squeezed in Some Fishin!

Friday late afternoon we packed up the kids and headed out to the lake for the night. Mom and Dad, Chad and Julie, Justin and Katy, and Josh all were thinking on the same page and ended up out at the lake with the same intentions. The weather was hot and we all just pretended like it was summer (minus the swimming). Anyhow we jumped in the boat and headed out to some favorite spots as the sun was setting. We didnt catch anything great, but did catch some nice variety with weirdest catch actually being a monster female bluegill hitting my big number 4 mepps spinner slow rolled near the bottom:

We caught a handful of largemouth bass and this one young smallie:

Justin also caught a trout and was not happy with me making him take this picture:

Then we just hung out around the fire roasting marshmallows, dreaming big plans for this summer at the lake, and just good ole relaxing. We do got big plans at the lake this year. Memorial Day weekend we will be building a new dock with a super high jump platform that overhangs our new Blob. Yep, we got one of these for our summer camps at the lake:

I have a feeling I will be able to send some bony junior high kids pretty much into outerspace when I go dropping onto that thing. Whats nice is that Justin and Chad are also built like tanks (insulated tanks) and can share the load. I am sure when we combine our 1000 lbs together people are going to simulate flying off of that thing! Should be interesting, stay tuned for our own Blob pics and videos in the coming months.

Anyhow, Saturday morning we headed up to the Fairview Cafe for all you can eat Pancakes and Sausage just to make sure we will stay good blob jumpers for this summer.... Then Justin, Josh, and I headed over to a clients property for a few hours. We are getting his mobile cabin all ready for its journey up to the Fox Chain of Lakes.

The Cabin used to sit here overlooking the lake, but we are moving it out of the way to make room for the new hunting/fishing lodge. The lodge is going to be built by Noah Herman Sons builders, but I have helped with the custom design, and will be working on the lodge every chance I get. I will be posting pics as the project progresses, it is really gonna be sweet!

The deck is going to be cantilevered over the water quite a bit, so we dug out a bunch of dirt to help with some depth at the end of the deck to accomodate fluctuating water levels and of course fishing!

Then at 1 pm we headed back to the lake and spent the rest of the day playing with kids, laying in the sun, and fishing of course. Nothing serious, but we did catch a bunch of different species of fish! We caught a 26 inch Tiger Muskie, 3- 16 inch walleye, 6 trout with one of them being pretty big, a dozen largemouth bass, a handful of bluegill, some big crappies, a few hybrid striped bass, a couple smallmouth bass and a catfish. Here are some pics:

Then just before dark we loaded up and headed back into town. Its the kid's Easter Program at Church tomorrow morning. They will be singing some songs and Mae has to say her memory verse in front of the whole church. Its always fun, cause there is always some kid who makes the congregation laugh by saying something funny.

No fishing tomorrow, its gonna be windy and we are all sunburned. Mae is whining like a baby because she has never experienced sunburn before and Noah is conked out on the chair in the living room. Even Drake got pink today. Man did that sun feel good!!!

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