Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evergreen Lake Fish Structures

The high school bass fishing sectional was at Lake Evergreen last week and Mike Steffa the head honcho at Comlara Park put all the high school kids to work this year! Instead of just standing around waiting all day long, the kids assembled 36 porcupine fish attractors to enhance the habitat in the lake for the fish!

Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management in Peoria, Illinois provided the porcupine spheres to the park for a discount and would love the opportunity to provide materials for similar habitat projects in the future at discounted rates. The 1/2 inch pvc pipe was purchased by the park from a local hardware store. If your just an average guy though looking to purchase these attractors odds are you dont stand much of a chance to purchase them at a discount, you can however purchase them 24 hours per day online at full retail value simply by visiting

Assembly of these units is pretty much rocket science, but high schoolers these days pick up on technology faster than I can vanish a fistful of fudge rounds. Getting the right amount of glue onto the pipe is crucial...... Anyhow here are some picks of the assembly process and a pic of the finished batch of fish attractors:

Also of note is that if you contact Comlara Park they will provide you with very detailed maps of Evergreen Lake and also GPS coordinates to the fish attractors. They have a full service bait shop and boat rental and one of the finest campgrounds in Illinois! A half day fishing trip with a local guide and you will be set on how to catch some serious fish on the lake for an enjoyable camping/fishing weekend!

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  1. Do you use fishiding for these projects?