Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lots of Monster Largemouth Bass

Lake Management season 2011 is in full swing and we are off to a great start. I have been electrofishing and consulting and installing aeration systems from sunup to sundown and Justin and co have been working up bunches of ground, and doing all kinds of other miscellaneous lake and land management stuff. I don't get much time to write anymore, but I do have to write an article for Heartland Outdoors every month due by the 15th. Since May is officially the month of the Largemouth, this article is going to be about raising Bigmouth Bass.

I was digging through some pictures trying to find some good article photos when I decided just to plop a few of em here online as well. For those of you who know me well, I actually am not a bass fan partly because I just got bored with the same old same old. Plus I am too lazy of a fisherman to want to stand up and cast all day long.

Anyhow growing big largemouth bass is about as easy as it gets in ponds and lakes. You have to get the body of water started out right or you have quite a bit of work to do to play catch up. People trying to grow big bass typically are the ones who have the most problems doing it because all of the common knowledge being taught out in the media is dead wrong for growing big bass! One quick tip, if your afraid of killing bass, you will never consistently grow big bass. The biggest obstacle people need to overcome is they need to forget everything they have been taught and everything they already "know" about stocking, growing, and angling for bass.

I'm not going into any details about the secrets to growing big bass here, you will have to get a copy of the May magazine for that information. Just email and for the price of postage he will mail you a copy.

Here I am just going to plop a few pictures of monster largemouth bass being grown in private ponds and lakes right here in Central Illinois:

So anyhow, my few turned into quite a few and now its late and I got to get to bed. Those bass only scratch the surface of the pics I got floating around unorganized. This year in 2011 I am pretty excited to check back in on a few lakes in particular!!!

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  1. even better than all the bass was justin's many hairstyles & lengths...good stuff!