Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Fishing and Fish Structure Pics

Been putting together lots of porcupine fish attractors the last couple of weeks and placing them in strategic locations in anticipation of filming a couple fishing shows next week with Larry Harper, the inventor of the porcupine fish attractor.

My nephew and niece Tyden and Shaeya Kellenberger helped me put together 12 Porcupine Fish Attractors Friday evening.

We cut the 1/2 inch pvc pipe in 4 foot lengths and they glued the ends while I put them together.
Once we got all of them put together we loaded them up on the pontoon boat and headed out to place them in a couple good spots. Of course we brought our fishing poles along for a little trolling on the way to the structure drop zones and Ty hooked into a walleye and several bluegill en route!

Then as we were leaving the drop zone I casted out a number 3 mepps black fury and started trolling backwards when a huge Hybrid Striped Bass grabbed the bait and headed out in the opposite direction. She was rapidly stripping line off of my spool and had me down to nothing before I could get the motor flipped in reverse. I only needed about 10 more yards of line and I think I would have been able to land that fish, but unfortunately it just didnt work out and the trophy fish SPOOLED ME! 100 yards of line gone on the initial run!!! She never slowed down.

Here are some more pics from other fish structure projects.
Under the dock structure:

My son and daughter at Norris Lake:

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  1. Super cool! Any video of these in action?