Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend at the Lake with Fish Pictures

I met up with my family who already spent Friday afternoon swimming and playing at the lake, at about 7:30 pm. I quickly enhaled a bit of food and then we all headed across the lake to our new dock for some friday evening catfishing!!! Our preferred bait for this sort of fishing was chicken livers, but uncharacteristically we could not catch a catfish for the life of us!

Instead, 6 rainbow trout and several huge bluegills kept on eating our chicken liver????

We also caught a handful of walleye and smaller bluegill!

Dont get me wrong, we had a great time catfish fishing, but we never did catch a catfish?
Saturday I was up with the sun and met up with Chef Todd to do a little fishing before we got started working for the day. We caught a couple nice smallmouth bass and found a pretty good school of large bluegills up in the shallow water!

Todd was chomping at the bit to catch a trout, but couldn't find a lure or bait that they were interested in this morning. I told him he needed to sit on the dock with some chicken livers!!!

Anyhow we fished until 8 am, and then got to work. We poured concrete footings for a massive rope swing, fixed up the waterslide, added sand to the beach, started building a stair case up the hill to the waterslide, quite a few other smaller projects. Had some friends and family out to help us get ready for all the camps coming out starting next weekend. The first church camp scheduled to come out will be hundreds of Junior High girls next Saturday, followed by hundreds of High School boys the following Saturday, and finish up with hundreds of High School girls the Saturday after that. That fills up my Saturdays for the month of June which isnt too big of a deal, but causes my busy schedule to be even that much more busier since June is already the busiest month of my season!

Today is Sunday and a much needed day of rest! Went to church this morning and actually took a nap on the couch when I got home. Yep, took a nap this afternoon! Next week is completely overbooked already and before I know it it will be another welcomed lazy summer afternoon!!!

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