Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hottest Bite of the Year Fishing Pics!

It was 95 degrees, calm and sunny Tuesday afternoon but the Schroeders wanted to brave the elements and catch some fish.

Duane brought his sons Jordan and Jesse along with his son-in-laws Luke and Jason out for an evening trip on the pontoon boat. Luke and Jason were hitting the bluegill pretty hard, Jesse caught a mixed bag of Perch, Walleye, Bluegill, and a nice 3.5 lb rainbow trout from 25 feet down!

Duane caught this nice catfish at the same time Jesse was reeling in his trout. 6 Big Guys on a pontoon boat with tons of gear and two big fish fighting on ultralight gear makes for a pretty hectic, yet fun time! Shoulda had the video camera for all that dancing around!

Duane got the catfish, a handful of bass, lost a big striper, broke off another big striper, and got his spider wire bitten off clean by a muskie!

Jordan picked up his rod on this nice striper as it was sliding in the water, good catch!

I ran out of batteries on my camera or I would have some more pics of their trip! I also had to dive off the pontoon boat to grab a rod that a 14 oz bluegill had pulled in! Again we got the rod and the fish!

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