Sunday, June 28, 2009

Riding Horses in the Water

Saturday we had 300 or so High School Girls, Counselors, and Helpers out to the lake for some swimming activities and horseback riding. My aunts and uncles have lots of horses and love teaching people how to ride. They even teach youngsters how to do gymnastics on moving horses! Anyhow before camp they decided to take a new trail for the campers- through the water - and they needed some volunteers to help get the horses familiar with the new trail.

After some minor resistance I was nominated as a volunteer and jumped on a horse. I am much to big to be riding a horse in the first place, but they assured me that the horse was capable of carrying a 400 lb rider! When I hopped on that beast I quickly realized it was not quite as easy as it looks on TV, especially without a saddle. Both of my hands were glued to that horse at all times, and my feet were locked around it, and I still came waaaay too close to falling several times. Despite what appears to be a smile on my face in the video, I was actually pretty petrified the entire time and I am still a bit sore from the ride, but actually I might be getting back on a horse again in the future. Definitely will be with a saddle next time though.

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