Monday, June 15, 2009

Recap of This Week: Rain, Fishing, Girls Camp

Its been raining about every 2 days since February, and that has pretty much everything all messed up this spring. Anyhow this week was no exception as the cool temps and rain just kept on coming. We still are plugging away, just getting wet in the process!

I had a consultation in Brimfield on Wednesday evening, and took Noah along seeing as I was babysitting that night. He sat on every tractor on Ted's property, but his favorite was this one:

We had the first of many camps out to the lake this weekend! 150 Junior High girls came out Friday afternoon for some swimming, horseback riding, water sliding, high dive jumping, jet skiing and tubing. We spent every evening just getting the place tuned up and ready.

Girls all had fun and we are now gearing up for 250 high school boys next weekend and 300 high school girls the following weekend.

Then on Sunday we headed out to the lake after church for dinner with my grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters. Had a good time just relaxing on the water, eatin', and catching some fish:

Gpa, Dad, Chad, Julie went out and caught some muskie and trout, but didnt bring a camera!

Amy and Jareds Family minus the youngest:

Brook and I went out trolling for a few minutes and caught some nice fish too!

Finishing up a long week at the lake is just what the doctor ordered! Next week at this time, I wont be able to move! Boys camp is much more intense and physically challenging for an out of shape big guy like me who still thinks he can hang with the young 'uns.

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