Monday, August 3, 2009

Coolest July Ever and the Fish are Lovin' it!

My digital camera has officially bit the dust. It has been acting up for the last month or so, and finally decided to quit working altogether. It has felt kind of strange not being able to take pics of all the fish being caught this summer. We have been fishing here and there every chance we get and landing some real beauties! 6 lb rainbow trout was caught sunday afternoon trolling a blue rapala tail-dancer 20 feet down, numerous 1 lb bluegill have been landed, 5-7 lb stripers, and even some 3-4 lb smallies! Usually I have the digital proof to back up these bogus fish stories but until I get a free moment to find a new camera I guess your just going to have to believe these fish stories without any proof!

I need a camera that is small, durable, and has very few buttons. I dont need all the megapixels or features for internet quality pics. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My old camera lasted for 2 years, but in reality should of only lasted for a few months with the kind of abuse it got in the tackle box!

Here are a few pics I grabbed with my phone the other night while fishing with my uncle spark (his small head is in the background of the giant bluegill pic), brother in law Jared and cousins David and Caleb Sauder.

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