Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recap and Update

So my busy season is winding down in terms of treating and maintaining ponds and lakes, but for some reason I feel like I am always busier than ever???? Its as if I am not capable of just switching into a lower gear. I found myself a couple weeks ago with actually potentially a bit of extra time available and did I GREAT job of completely overfilling and overbooking like usual. Anyhow I have been to several consultations over the last few days, treated a handful of ponds, stocked some fish, had an open house at my house, had an open house at my parents house (let me just say that getting a home ready to sell and cleaning for an open house takes mucho horas!) hosted some friends out at the lake friday (will post some pics soon), had a few meetings about the hooked on fishing park, found and bought 7000 feed trained bluegill over in Missouri for a clients lake, bought a new aquarium business, yep, you read correctly we bought out an aquarium business from a gentleman moving to California. Now we have about 30K worth of tanks, filters, pumps, lights, and gizmos and gadgets that I have never even heard of, to clutter up our already cramped space, but hey lets throw another iron the fire! Actually the aquarium business is for Justin to take care of , he is the tank expert and knows all about that stuff, I am just along for the ride on this one. Justin has been setting up and maintaining Saltwater tanks for awhile now for friends and family, now he gets to sort through and set up and sell aquariums all winter long. He also has tons of live rock, sand, etc to sell as well, its all really cool stuff, I just need to start learning it all.

Anyhow after getting ready all day Sat for the open house at my parents, we had time to do a little fishin' on the pond for a few minutes (btw, the pond goes along with the house!) I have been practicing taking pics of myself holding fish. Its actually not too easy.

Jared landed this whopper!

My dad was trying desperately to catch a trophy perch and in the eleventh hour was able to hook up.

I have a handful (or so my dad thinks, but really a handful or two or heck possibly 3 handfuls) of bonus walleye in there as well

Also I forgot to mention that this coming Friday, I am taking lighthouse academy fishing at the fishing park from 9 to 11, then Peoria Christian School is coming out to the lake from noon to 5 pm, then friday night we are hosting 50 young men from our church at the lake overnight, and then saturday evening over 150 guys from a few churches are coming out to the lake for a cookout of epic proportions! Youth group is staying Sat night as well, heading to church on Sunday, then heading up north monday morning at 7 am to do some work up in Princeton. Meetings in the office tuesday, showing my house tues evening, then heading to build a dock in champaign on Wed wont be home till midnight or so and then that brings me all the way up to next thursday. Also forgot to mention that the 7000 big bluegills from missouri were coming in tues or thurs next week as well.

So yep, my busy season is over, but somehow I am busier than ever??? Thats only a portion of the stuff that I can think of, can you imagine all the other stuff I am supposed to do that I have and will forget about!

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  1. I feel your pain on taking self portraits with fish.

    Try squeezing your mug AND all 19 inches of a large mouth in the frame! We need some go-go-gadget arms.