Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some pretty stinkin sweet pictures!

Friday we had a group from Lexington come on out to the lake for the day. It was a GREAT day to kick back, relax, and just enjoy being out on the water with some friends. I thought I had some pics from the day, but realized they had all the pics. We focused on swimming, but had to cast a few lines. The fish were hanging deep with the bright sunny day, yep we actually had a bright sunny day this summer and were able to enjoy it to boot!

Anyhow the pictures I do have are from fishing with my kids Sunday evening as the sun was setting! We just sat out on the dock, threw some worms out, watched the geese come in, and didnt think about nothin but what was right in front of our eyes:

Mae and The Bluegill

Noah and The Redear

Noah and The Hybrid

Noah and The Bluegill

Shaeya and The Trout!

Nate practicing taking pic again (I always for some reason catch my best fish when I am by myself or with my kids who are too young and finally have decided to start taking pics of those fish)

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