Monday, August 10, 2009

Dads Biggest Bluegill Ever!

So my dad calls me up early Saturday morning and says that he just caught the biggest bluegill of his life. He was catfish fishing with Chicken Livers when the behemoth hit. He then in such a proud voice declared that they ran up and got a camera phone to take a pic and he caught another beast before they got back with the camera. So instead of taking a nice picture with the best bluegill he ever caught he naturally had to add the 10 incher in the pic. He was so proud that they even took 2 pictures and were figuring out how to email them over to me.

Anyhow when he said it was my older brother who took the pic, and he was holding 2 fish, I knew the pics were going to be pretty bad, but when they got the pics emailed over I didnt expect it to be this bad-

The big one was 12.75" and 1 lb-13 oz.
The small one was 10.25" and 1 lb- 2 oz.

My dad (like all Herman Boys) is a big 290 lb guy, the pics just dont do the fish justice.

They kept both fish in a big tub to get the pics and then let them go. Now my dad was caught up in the moment and excited, but does regret not keeping the big one to get mounted. I explained to him that is was just some form of hybrid (we have mistakenly put about 5 different variations of hybrid bluegill in the lake) and that we dont need that fish for genetics, just put it in the lake and then harvest it whenever you want.

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