Monday, August 3, 2009

Smallmouth Bass Pond

Let me just say that fishing a 5 acre pond that is full of smallmouth bass as opposed to largemouth bass is just about the most fun you can have fishing! I stopped by Rodger Moons smallmouth pond friday afternoon to check on his fish population, and let me just say again, smallie fishing is 10 times more fun than green carp fishing!

First on our agenda was to check on the 250,000 golden shiners we stocked into rodger's forage pond. We stocked them as little microscopic fry back in May, and they are currently all about 1-3 inches long and fill the pond from top to bottom! There are way more in the pond than I had anticipated!!!

Then we quickly finished setting a dock that Rodger and co had built and hit the boat with an assortment of plastic tubes and jigs. I figured since is was the middle of the day and sunny that the smallies would be hanging along the deep edge of the pond, and boy was I wrong for the first 30 minutes. I didnt even get a nibble! Then as I was starting to get desperate to show off my fish catching capabilities and live up to my fish catching reputation I saw and heard a smallie slam a dragon fly on the other side of the pond!!!

I quickly turned the trolling motor into 5th gear and started heading towards the shallow sunny corner! I pulled out a big oversized rubber worm hook with no weight and threaded on an orange crappie sized tube jig. First cast into this corner and a 3 lb smallie slammed my bait the moment it hit the water!!! 2 other smallies followed this guy all the way up to the boat and I knew I had found the 10% of the water that held 90% of the fish!

After missing the next 2 violent strikes I then landed 5 more smallies before missing the big one.....of course. She was huge and mean and was not going to be caught. Anyhow I just couldnt help but think to myself how I cant wait to find some more ponds this fall to stock with only smallmouth bass as the top dog predator!

Here are some pics, I was fishing alone, so it was a bit harder than usual to get a good shot:

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