Thursday, October 1, 2009

Electrofishing up near Chicago

On Wednesday we headed up near Chicago for an electrofishing survey. This condo complex is an absolutely amazing, world class recreational property up near Chicago. There are 2200 condo and apartment units spread throughout the property and many of them are overlooking the very scenic 22 acre lake or the other lakes and river that runs through it. In the heart of the complex is a 4 run ski hill with terrain park, a dozen professional sand volleyball courts, basketball, tennis, pools, paddleboats, sailboats, walking trails, and pretty much anything you can imagine is included for the members to enjoy. Lets just say its not the average apartment complex swimming pool and community rec room .

On top of all that, the lakes are set up as unbelievable world class fishing, and they dont even realize what they have!!! We captured many 3-5 lb walleye, tons of 2-4 lb largemouth bass, some really nice crappies and even missed netting a couple nice northern pike. If for some reason I had to live near Chicago, it would be at this place. Here is a video of pics of fish we captured and surveyed!

We invited Bill Anderson with CatchPhotoRelease along for the full lake audits with electrofishing survey and he took some awesome pics and wrote up a really nice little article about his adventure on the water- Electro Fishing with HB

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