Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday Fishing Trip with Lee

Woke up at 4:45 am on Saturday morning and was heading out to the lake by 5 am with my father in-law Lee Esslinger. He was in town from Burlington, Iowa to help us move out of our house and we figured we could sneak in a little fishing trip before everyone else woke up!

So less than an hour from slumbering out of an 80 degree cozy bed and we are out on the water greeted by 36 degree air temperatures and no sunlight peaking over the horizon yet. Now this time of year I would much rather be out fishing in the afternoon as the water temps warm up just a bit, but we only had a small window of opportunity and boy did we make the most of it!!!

Lee put on a fishing clinic! His bait of choice was a white/chartruese Bomber A crankbait, slow retrieved from the bank back to the boat.

Golden Trout

Hybrid Bluegill

3.5 lb rainbow trout

Pesky Smallmouth Bass

I had to get in on the action a bit as well, but Lee caught most of the fish and I enjoyed just driving the boat and taking the pics!
17 ounce male bluegill

golden trout

And Here are some pics of the biggest fish of the morning. It was a 24 inch rainbow trout pushing nearly 6 lbs! These fish arent supposed to live around here, but we have several lakes with sustaining populations of trophy rainbow trout!

We stayed out a little longer than we were supposed to, but still made it back into town by about 9:30 am and spent the rest of the day moving boxes and furniture. Its a shame that so many get buck fever this time of year, because the fishing is phenominal!

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