Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fish Delivery Done!

I spent the day delivering fish to folks across central illinois! Long day with lots of driving, but we stocked a ton of fish!!! First stop was Hidden Lakes Farm near Victoria, we made a rainbow and golden trout pond, smallmouth bass lake, and a hybrid striped bass pond. Then we headed to a couple lakes in Brimfield and delivered rainbow and golden trout to Edwin Peterson and Ted Rigginbach. From there we headed over to the Elmwood area and stocked a bunch of trout and catfish for the oberhelmans and cullinans and then headed to Norris to fill up our cages with pumkinseeds, catfish and trout for deliveries over the next couple days.

Justin took a big load of fish over to Champaign area while I headed over to Ed Sauders ponds near Roanoke for the last stop of the day. We stocked his brand new 1 acre pond with Smallmouth and Pumkinseeds and Fathead Minnows and then stocked his existing pond with golden trout for ice fishing this winter! 

First round of fish deliveries is done! Next week we have thousands of walleye, yellow perch, tiger muskie, and northern pike coming in from Minnesota! Then to finish off the fish stocking season we have a truck coming in from Missouri with some awesome feed trained largemouth bass and another truck from Missouri with a big order of channel catfish and miscellaneous fish to clean up the leftovers and take care of the procrastinators.

I didnt have a chance to take any pics today, but I am sure happy pond owners across the region will be sending in pics of beautiful rainbow and golden trout shortly!!!

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