Thursday, October 15, 2009

New H & R Slug Gun

I am not a diehard deer hunter at this stage of my life, just got too much fish stuff going on to devote time to bowhunting. However, I do really enjoy deer hunting with my brothers and cousins during shotgun season, just like they enjoy fishing with me when the fish are biting. I do all the grunt work/preparation and take them fishing, they do all the grunt work/preparation and take me deer hunting.

Anyhow, after harvesting 11 does and 1 buck over the last 6 seasons borrowing my cousins extra slug gun, I finally went out and bought my very own H&R Ultra Slug Gun Deluxe. I cant be more excited for this season being able to use my very own gun! I will pick it up early next week and start attempting to put holes through cardboard about 100 yards away! We shoot hornady slugs with these guns and they seem to just be an awesome combination!

I wouldn't classify myself as really that great of a shot when it comes to practice shooting at targets, just on a lucky streak while hunting that I hope continues with my gun. Using my cousins gun I havent missed a shot on a deer yet. I know I am doomed now this season since I wrote that, but I think I am a firm enough believer in the H&R / Hornady combination to say how impressed I am with it. I havent had to shoot at a running deer yet, and generally won't take any shot that I am not 100% confident with, but just hope that I haven't jinxed myself for this season by buying a new gun and pulling up my pants abit while saying I havent missed a shot on a deer yet!

Last year I shot my first buck and while it is not the monster trophy deer everyone raves about, it is proudly hanging on my wall at the lake! To make an already too long story even a bit longer, I shot my buck last year opening morning and it scored 140". Then later that evening I was sitting on the ground looking for some does when a monster buck waaay bigger than the one I shot comes walking up the ravine within 15 yards of me, stops and stares me down. He simply stood there frozen for a few seconds, turned around and walked away. Both of my brothers saw that same deer that night, but neither of them could get a clean shot off from their stands, and boy did they want! I am definitely looking forward to this season!!

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