Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shocking Lakes and Ponds is oh so much fun!

We have been shocking and evaluating lakes and ponds across Illinois like madmen! Some real good fishing, and some not so much!! But they all have potential and that is where we enter the picture. Some lakes need just a bit of tweaking and some need well, a bit more. Turning a body of water into a productive fishery really is not hard and doesnt take long and doesnt even cost that much money, as long as you are in tune to what the lake is set up to produce. They are all different!

Gary Glovers 4 acre pond near lewiston just needs a bit of agricultural lime to sweeten up the water to help grow some aquatic vegetation. David Van Ackers pond in the Quad Cities had a fish kill last winter and he lost all of his BIG fish, the small bass that did survive however are growing at a RAPID pace with little competition. Hidden Lakes big lake is perhaps the worst fishing lake on the entire property, we filled the boat with small fish. Hidden Lakes new lake is perhaps the best trophy bass fishing lake in central Illinois, but it wont be for long if they dont harvest TONS of the 11-13" bass that are taking over.

Next week we do some traveling to Champaign, Kickapoo, and Northern Illinois along with some fish deliveries mixed in. Its gonna be hectic.

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