Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Crappie Biting This Week

I stocked these crappies into my grandma's bass heavy 6 acre pond back in 2005. My cousin Logan went out fishing after school on Wednesday with a small rapala and caught his dinner with just a few casts into his secret spot. I think I might be calling up Logan for a little fishing trip next time it warms up a bit!


  1. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention the photo was taken by world famous outdoor photographer Rachel Sauder with Fishing Moments Captured by Rachel. Just click on her underlined name to visit her blog and see some of her amazing work.

  2. If your name isn't Rachel Sauder boy do I feel dumb for calling you that my whole life.

  3. you should feel dumb for a lot of reasons;)

    Also, Logan caught one tonight that measured 13 inches but he threw it back before I could get a pic because he was afraid it would die.