Friday, March 5, 2010

Couldnt get this bass through the hole!

I set up the portable 6,000 gallon trout pond yesterday for the Elmwood All Outdoors Show this coming weekend, and then had about an hour of unaccounted for time left and decided to try to catch a trout to use as a guinea pig overnight. The reason I am up so early this morning is because we are headed up north to a trout hatchery to pick up a load of trout for stocking the pond for the show. This trout pond is going to be different than most, because you actually can take the trout home for dinner when you catch one! Also will have some tagged fish for prizes, etc.

Anyhow, I was out trying to catch a trout and all I could catch was bluegill, yellow perch, and this monster bass! Literally I could barely get it through the hole and was just praying it wouldnt break my line the whole time I was fighting it. This bass is just way too fat to be coming out of one of the hardest longest winters in our history! Many ponds and lakes have had terrible fish kills this winter and this gal is not merely surviving, she is thriving! She looks like an alabama deputy sherriff if you know what I mean?

Whenever I go ice fishing for bluegill I can catch tons of trout, but when I want to catch trout, it seems impossible??? Anyhow, I used some fatheads, bluegill and perch as guinea pigs in the trout pond overnight. They probably will die because the water is from the city hydrant and is full of chlorine that we are going to treat for later today, but hey you never know?

This week has been crazy busy! I love it, Brook and the kids not so much (I dont love missing that part). Life is a balancing act that just seems so hard to keep everything in perfect balance. Always so much to do and not enough time to get er all done. Anyhow, you have to check out this advertisement in this months Pond Boss magazine! It is for Outdoor Water Solutions, they manufacture windmill aeration systems and other lake and pond products to improve water quality. If you can believe this, over the last two years, HB Pond Management has been one of their top distributors in the nation and that is competing agains the likes of Farm King and other big chain stores!!!

Windmill Aeration Ad Featuring HB Pond Management


  1. What an awesome article, Great looking bass, Nate. Can't wait for the kids to fish the trout pond at the show. Good Luck this weekend. Love to Brook and the kids also.

  2. yeah right, i just know that hole was the size of a pencil and that was just a minnow you were pulling up! LOL!
    ding ding ding I WIN!

  3. How do you go proclaim yourself a winner of round 3 just by simply posting something that nobody even laughed at or commented about? Once you get a LOL, or good one, or whoop whoop, or some sort of confirmation can you claim victory.

    You are right, that bass is tiny and I spent a couple hours figuring out how to drill a perfect small hole, then figured out how to put that little fish in there, then how to take and manipulate a picture to make it appear bigger just so I could post it on my blog so that both of my fans and all 7 of my followers could read it.

  4. I don't need someone else to tell me i'm a mom said i was...and if you're thinking you can argue w/your grandma you've got another think coming!
    WOW I didn't realize you had to work so hard for that THAT is talent...are you looking for a job?