Monday, March 22, 2010

Chocolate Lab Puppies For Sale

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Back when I was 13 years old I started raising Chocolate lab puppies with my younger sister. We found an awesome hunting stud from out near Trivoli for our family chocolate lab and have been raising labs ever since. It was not an easy task getting started, but I learned alot about turning a hobby into a business from raising and selling those chocolate labs. By the time I was 16 I had enough money saved up to buy my first car!

Flash forward 14 years and I still have my original chocolate lab Coco still hanging out at my parents house. She pretty much just sleeps all day long these days, but boy has she had quite the adventurous life! I quit raising labs when I got married at age 19, but one of my absolute favorite puppies I ever had went to my cousin Ben Ginzel. He trained his dog Toby into one of the best dogs I have ever hunted with, and I have been hunting with professional dogs and trainers from across the country! My sister picked up a chocolate lab female a few years ago and has bred her with Toby three times before. The puppies they create are great family dogs with great hunting potential as well.

Our Chocalate Lab Puppies are AKC Registerd and both parents are hip certified. Our Family raises 1 litter of pups a year and this year we have 7 males and 2 females. The pups have had their dew claws removed and have been examined by Meadowbook Vetrinarian office. They thought our puppies look exceptionally GREAT! and looked very strong and healthy. These pups are a fourth litter with the same pops and mama.

Brandy is the mama and she is an excellent tempermented dog that treats our 3 little girls as her own babies. She is extremely friendly and has never shown aggresion towards any dog or person she's met. Very good with small children.

Toblerone Orion of Heatherwood a.k.a. Toby is the pops of these puppies. He is an exceptional bird and waterfowl hunter. He has a quality about him that is not comon among labs, which is he is a POINTER!. Several of the past litters owners have stated the same, that it is very rare to find a Lab thet points, and love that there pups are pointers as well.

I dont even know how much they are selling them for, but if your interested in picking out your puppy early give Amy a call:


  1. Aww! I want one! Oh wait, NO I DON'T!! They are cute to look at though. Hope they find homes!

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