Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Florida Keys Camping and Lobster Diving

Justin, Allen, and Joel spent last week playing in the Florida Keys. While they were resting in hammocks, scuba diving, fishing, catching lobsters, and making friends with the local herd of key deer, I was back at home filling in the gap for them at work.

Watch this video at your own risk and without any expectations of any sort.


  1. Hilarious!! But it looks like they had a great time!!

  2. WOW this new boy band has the amazing ability to blend all 3 of their voices into one awesome female sounding voice...I think they are going to go far in this business.
    On the other hand, they will have trouble w/the animal activists for feeding the deer junk food and the bad press may put an end to their budding careers before they can make it big...so sad.

  3. hey i was wondering if you could give me any information on where this trip was to? I would like to do something similar next year on spring break. I did some research and it looks like they are somewhere near long key

  4. Those Key deer are amazing little creatures. I remember when I saw our first one. It just came out of the undergrowth early one morning, when it was just me and my daughter about. It was magical. Truly a memory that will leave with me as a father forever