Friday, March 19, 2010

Sick and Tired, but Lovin It.

Every year at exactly the weekend of March Madness basketball, I get sick. Through junior high and high school sometimes my sickness may have been exaggerated just a bit, but nonetheless I always have ended up just sitting in front of CBS watching all the basketball games. The last several years though, I have actually legitimately been getting sick. Funny how that stuff comes back around at you???

These days even though I am a bit under the weather, I got just a bit going on getting ready for the start of our season to just sit and watch the games during the day (plus I have DVR and just watched the last 4 minutes of every game played late last night). Today might get a little complicated with Richwoods playing in the Illinois high school state finals at the same time as the first round of games of the NCAA. Good thing I can record em both at the same time, I just will have to stay up a bit later tonight trying to get em all in.

Anyhow its not just me a bit under the weather, its everyone in my house and company and its really taking a toll. Justin got stung by a Man O War jellyfish down in florida last week and is on some life saving medication to keep his heart from stopping beating. Noah has had a fever for about a week and some sort of lazy red eyes with more eye bugars than Drake has nose bugars. I guess I have never written the word bugar before, looks funny written down I wonder if thats how its spelled? Regardless, Drake is so congested he is having trouble breathing at night and seems like he can only sleep on his stomach while laying on my chest. Mae had an episode at grandmas house the other day where she ended up with a nice surprise in her tinker bell britches when she tried to pass a little gas. That was just great! Anyhow she is also getting over a terrible ear infection. Brook came down with a sore throat a couple days ago and hasnt been sleeping too well with at least one kid awake at all times during the night. I came down with the sore throat yesterday and havent been sleeping well with midnight basketball games, some work stuff on my mind, and Drake laying on me for half the night.

Good times and good memories.

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