Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ice Fishing Patterns Developing

Went out ice fishing at 1 pm with 3 guys from washburn area. We caught the tail end of some feeding activity and caught some real nice trout, crappie, and bluegill. Pretty much everything happened in the first hour and then the last three hours we only had a few nibbles and caught very few fish.

Saturday out at the same lake was a morning bite as well. It got harder to catch fish as the day progressed. Makes me wonder a bit, usually late afternoons are my favorite time to ice fish? I love fishing sunset, but they sure havent been biting late for me yet this season, the pattern seems to be mid-day right now.

The fish we did catch were awesome, we just had to work real hard for them. We set out a bunch of rods in holders baited with big minnows at various depths. About 4 foot off the bottom seemed to be the ticket on those rods. The rods we jig with are small jigs tipped with waxworms fished near the bottom. Here is Derek holding up our biggest crappies, trout, and bluegill:

Like I said, the fish we did catch were awesome, but we only caught 15 fish. We had one big one break our line and another huge fish in the 6-8 lb range just get off after a short battle. Missed a handful of bites and thats it for activity.

Anyhow had we known the last three hours would be so slow we would of packed up and headed in for some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Instead we moved around trying shallow structures, deep holes, and everything in between trying to find some active fish.

I will be going out in the morning on Christmas Eve, so hopefully the fish will still be on a daytime bite?


  1. I have been having the same luck, as soon as we start which is usually 130, the fish are on, after that, just like you said, they are few and far between

  2. Was a morning bite yet again today. Shoot me over some pics Josh!