Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice Fishing Pics from Saturday

I finally found some down time to post the photos from Saturdays ice fishing trips. We had to work pretty hard to get the fish to bite on Saturday, but we ended up with some real nice fish! Some days the fish jump out of the holes, but others you have to work hard. On a tough bite, it also helps to have some professional ice fisherman come down and help with the guided trip too. Steve Ryan and Greg something or other (sorry Greg, I forgot your last name) came down for the day and helped us catch some awesome fish. Here are some of the pics:

Gary brought his brother Jeff for an afternoon guided ice fishing trip to learn a bit how to use their new equipment over back home near Quincy. Jeff is an avid angler/hunter and Gary is the perfect fishing partner. Jeff did most of the catching and is pictured here below. He had to work hard, but was rewarded with some trophies!

Here is some more of Steve and Greg. There were looking for monster bluegills and had to settle for just big bluegills. One of these days there are going to connect with a monster!

I have lots of trips lined up for the next couple months so hopefully the weather stays cold and hopefully I will be posting a bunch more fish pictures in the coming days! Several trips lined up to take folks on their own lakes and several trips lined up to take folks at some of our various lakes and ponds as well! For more information on a guided ice fishing trip in Central Illinois visit our ice fishing page at hbpondmanagement.com


  1. Holy trout, I wanna go fishing with you

  2. Nat,,,,,
    Best guy I ever meet to improve my relationship with Fish!

  3. Hey Blake, we will have to get together sometime with some of the other bloggers.

    Edwin, you are simply the MAN!