Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meat Ice Fishing Today

Today I went ice fishing with Brian and Mark from Morton and Mackinaw. We fished my meat fishing pond today in Peoria. Our goal for this trip was to catch some fish for dinner and also to learn about Vexilars. I am telling you, if your not fishing with a vexilar you are missing out on lots and lots of fish!

It took Brian and Mark all of 5 minutes to get the hang of fishing with electronics and they were off chasing suspended fish! I drilled over 40 holes and they would keep moving all afternoon long to new holes to pop suspended fish until finally the last 30 minutes of light they each found holes that were loaded with fish and they sat tight pulling in one after another.

I didn't take too many pics today, cause I was busy drilling holes the first 3 hours and cleaning fish the last hour. The last 30 minutes I couldnt clean the fish as fast as they were flopping them on the cutting board!

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