Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pheasant Hunting at Gobblers Knob

This morning I took some guys pheasant hunting at Gobbler's Knob Hunting Preserve in Canton, Illinois. This group of guys won this trip at our Hooked On Fishing Park Fundraising dinner last winter. I can't thank everyone enough for helping support the fishing park!

Anyhow we met at the lodge at 9 am and headed out hunting with Mark and his dog Bean. It was a beautiful sunny morning and we had a blast hunting with Mark and especially Bean. She excitedly knew exactly what she was doing!

Instead of carrying a gun, I decided to carry the video camera for this hunt and threw this footage together of the dog working, guns shooting, and a bit of razzing as well. Gobblers Knob is open for pheasant hunting and dog training from Sept thru March. If your ever interested in some fun pheasant hunting give them a call or give me a call or email. I love teaching folks how to pheasant hunt and Gobblers Knob is the perfect facility for doing just that!

We hunted til noon, and then I headed straight to the lake to guide some other fellas for and afternoon ice fishing trip! Ice has been 'safe' for the last 6 days and I didn't get to go ice fishing till this afternoon....stinkin responsibilities are killing me! Me waiting that long to ice fish is the equivalent of not opening your Christmas presents til 6 days after Christmas!

Anyhow we caught some awesome fish this afternoon but I wont have the pictures ready until Monday. Tomorrow I will be guiding a large group of 15 people ice fishing after Church. We will be fishing on their own pond near Brimfield and then Lord willing will be having a fish fry that evening!

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