Friday, February 11, 2011

Drake Dawg's First Birthday Party!

Drake Dawg last February

I can hardly believe it has been one full year since Drake was born! He rather unexpectedly spent his first 11 days in the NICU with stage 3 intraventricle hemmhoraging near his brain caused by low platelets from the CMV virus. It took some serious specialists and many months of testing (and thousands of hours of prayers) to finally get that all exactly figured out, and that brings us all the way up to today!

Drake is doing great. He does have a tad bit of physical therapy still to work through and is completely deaf in his right ear, but he still has good hearing in his left. He is also a tad bit behind with his crawling, walking, and talking, but he has completely mastered all of the important things in life- eating, dancing, smiling, laughing, and he absolutely loves every second spent outside!! He is in the process of overcoming every challenge and has a bright future!

Drake turned one year old this morning and currently is sitting on the living room floor watching bubble guppies with his brother and sister while I am working on the computer from home. Its a Friday before a bunch of upcoming fishing trips and I am obviously not gonna get anything work related done so I might as well dig up some old Drake pics from the last year and plop em online.

While I am at it I might as well kill a few birds with the same stone and plop some fam pics too:


  1. they sure don't come much cuter than that and i would know, right?

  2. Nate
    I know you guys will take care of this young man, because he has to get in on catching some of those gills and trout. Thanks for sharing

  3. Nate... you have beautiful kids! What blessings!

    -Dave King

  4. I like seeing pics of your kids way more than dead fish...i think you should forget the whole fish theme and just blog about your kids, & crazy life, & how much you miss your spouse...wait a minute...I think that's what your sister's blogs is about..never mind.