Tuesday, February 1, 2011

InFisherman comes Ice Fishing

I spent the weekend filming ice fishing with InFisherman TV. It was an incredible experience and we caught some nice fish to boot! Make sure to watch InFisherman this coming fall, we filmed a bunch of footage! We traveled around Central Illinois and fished at several HB Featured Properties along with a handful of top secret locations.

Here are some photos:

Here is a super fat largemouth bass that came on a bronze gill pill tipped with waxworm.

We caught several real nice walleye:

I caught this big walleye using a 6 inch shiner for bait down on the bottom in 27 feet of water!

Chef Todd cooked a couple feasts for us on Saturday. For lunch he made amazing fresh crappie, scallop, and clam soup. I don't have pics of the soup, but do have just a couple pics of the fillet mignon dinner! He got the best cuts of meat in Peoria and cooked them to perfection!

He made this borsan cheese topping for the meat with mushrooms and onions and alaskan king crab! I wish I had a finished picture, because this meal was definitely something to write home about!! I can still visualize eating that meal and remember just wishing I had more room inside my 280 lb frame for just even a couple more bites.

First we scarfed down salads and these appetizers after a long hard day of fishing

I don't even know what this stuff was, but we ate a bunch of em! Also you can barely see some shrimp on the sides.

I actually didnt even need to eat any food on Sunday, because I ate so much on Saturday. Anyhow back to the fishing. This is the first smallmouth bass I have ever caught through the ice! She came up 4 feet off the bottom and slammed a black ratso tipped with waxworm. I was pumped up to find this spot littered with some pvc structures in the middle of the lake! I am pretty sure there are a few more smallies hanging out there and I will be back out to coax them into eating.

We caught several pig rainbows.

This golden trout was just awesome!

We actually had trouble catching big bluegills this weekend, but we did manage just enough!

The fishing overall was actually a very tough bite the whole weekend. Without electronics and professional fisherman we pretty much wouldn't have caught anything. We were right on top of them, but still most of the fish we had to really finesse into biting. The fish knew something crazy was going on with the heavy damp air leading up to this huge blizzard! Right now we are in the middle of 15-20 inches of snow with 40 mph gusts and arctic temps.

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