Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday's Ice Fishing Trip

On Tuesday afternoon we went ice fishing with a group of 5 guys. I figured the fish were going to be on fire with several days of warm weather, but boy was I wrong. They were down there, but just took alot of work to get to bite the bait. Just seemed very unusual? Late winter ice fishing can be just extremely unpredictable. Early season is always consistent day after day and even throughout the day, but once the snows start piling up the fishing just seems to get much harder to figure out.

Late season there may be one day on fire and the next day completely shut off. Or sometimes late season I have found only just a one hour time slot throughout the whole day when the big fish will even consider biting. Other observations would be that some lakes fish late season much better than others. I don't have all the patterns figured out completely yet, but always keep track of everything- weather, pressure, temperature, snow cover, etc and am getting closer to knowing what makes fish tick in each individual lake.

I spent more than 30 days out on the ice this winter and Tuesday would rank as the third worst day of fishing for the whole year. I felt really bad that I didn't even get pictures of the guys I was fishing with because we never caught a fish worthy of standing to take a picture.

We ended up getting some fish to eat, but the big boys just wouldn't bite.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing there are bunches of huge fish below and not being able to get them to bite! Especially when the weather just seemed so perfect for ice fishing.

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