Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday Afternoon Fishin

Friday afternoon we fished with some folks from the east side of the river. These girls were simply amazing outdoorswomen! There aren't many girls this age who could spend 4 hours outside in the winter on the middle of a lake and not get bored, or cold, or cranky! Especially when the fish were not biting.

We scratched out just enough fish for everyone to catch a fish and take a picture and that was about it. We were in the fish zone and could mark lots of fish, but they would just follow the bait up and down and seemed to enjoy hanging out with the bait instead of eating it! I was hoping that the slight warm up following the major cold front would be enough to get the fish hungry, but it sure wasn't the case- yet at least. Here are the rest of the pics, you can tell for sure the girls got their good looks from their mother:

The good thing about that fishing trip was that even though we didn't catch many fish, the ones we did catch were huge. Check out the size of this 200" Boone and Crocket Bluegill! He went home to the taxidermist!

Chef also hooked into this big catfish and we all enjoyed helping get him in. Wasn't an easy task to fit it through a 6 inch hole with 14 inches of ice! I had to take off my coat and roll up my sleeves to reach all the way down to grab the fish.

Chef Todd had a pretty tough week this week. His wife of 17 years passed away monday night- Tough Times For a Good Friend. We decided to get away this weekend and he spent Friday and Saturday with me out at the lake. We had alot of time to sit on a bucket out on a lake in God's great outdoors and just ponder life.

Friday evening after our fishing trip, Chef and I headed over to Scapecchi's restaurant in Farmington to eat a nice meal. The owner of the place knew who we were and pulled up a chair to talk fishin stuff! We had a FABULOUS meal, listened to live piano playing and talked fishin! For those of you who don't know me and the Chef yet, we like our food almost as much as fishing!

We started out throwing down some mushrooms, fried cauliflower (had to eat some veggies), and clam chowder. Here is a poor pic of the cauliflower. My camera was left at the lake so my phone had to do and it doesn't have a flash.

Chef feasted on the famous fried chicken and I put away the walleye special with hand cut potatoes. I had never eaten at Scappechi's before and would give the place 2 thumbs up. After an afternoon of fishing in Fulton County, Scappechi's is the perfect place to compliment a day spent out in God's country!

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