Saturday, February 19, 2011

Land Auction and Ice Fishing

I went to a land auction in Fulton County yesterday. Good tillable land went for 7300 per acre and pure timber went for 2100 per acre. Was interesting, but about what was expected with grains at all time highs and recreational land prices continuing to fall. Now is actually a very good time to pick up some hunting land if your in the market.

Anyhow then I headed over to meet up with some clients to talk game plan 2011. It just so happened we found some marginally safe ice on one of the lakes and it just so happened I had 4 ice fishing rods and 3 vexilars an auger and some old bait left in my truck. It also just so happened to be 55 degrees and sunny outside. After a couple hours of finding nothing willing to bite it just so happened we found some strategically placed trees submerged 15 feet down out in the middle of a cove and it just so happened we caught some nice fish for dinner!

It just so happened I actually got my text book, fairy tale ending to ice fishing for this season! The ice is no longer safe on a good majority of lakes and ponds in my zone. There is open water around most edges and it won't be long with this forecast to be lots of open water everywhere very soon.

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