Monday, May 23, 2011

Fishing Day at Otter Creek

Saturday I was able to kill 12 birds with one stone!! Been a pretty busy spring so I have to get creative and be as efficient as humanly possible. Over the winter I lined up a few too many fishing trips mostly through donating to various charity auctions and such, but anyhow I was able to schedule 12 different groups for fishing trips all on the same day and it actually worked out very smooth!!!!

Here is just a teaser pic of one of many nice fish that were caught!

The weather was predicted to be stormy and rainy for all day Saturday, which had me going to sleep a bit unneasy hoping to be able to still pull everything off! When the alarm went off at 3:15 am to start the day I literally was jumping up and down the moment I didnt hear thunder and rain and the computer said we were good to go!

I made it down to Otter Creek Preserve at 5 am and 4 boats were already there waiting for me! I'm not the only crazy one out there who wakes up well before the sun. Anyhow Bob Quinn helped me out all day and we just got every boat in the water and lined up with bait and general fishing advice on where to go find some fish!

Looks like the bait of choice for monster bluegills was a spinnerbait?

Groups kept coming all the way till about 11 am and we kept sending em out on the different lakes. Some fished the Canadian Lake, some went to Mike's Lake and most fished the Big Lake. Hook and Hunt TV filmed some fishing shows on each lake! Look for the footage available online in the weeks ahead!

Anyhow I have a few pics, but most people I am still waiting for their pics to come over the next few days. You may not believe me when you hear the stories and see the pics, but the fish actually were not biting all that great. However the extra work to catch em paid off big time! You had to work to catch the fish, but the fish are worth the effort!

Before we get to the pics I just want to say THANKS to everyone who came out on Saturday! Also a big THANKS to Mike and Timber Creek Land Company! Pretty much everyone there has helped me out in some way or another or they have helped support many great local charities!!!

First lets start with lunch eh? Chef Todd cooked his usual feast!

Altogether we caught more than 260 walleyes between 14-23 inches, 16 tiger muskies from 3-11 lbs, 30 smallmouth bass from 9-17 inches, 150 crappies about 10 inchers (we couldnt find the big ones, they had scattered), well over 100 bluegill over 1 lb each, 20 stripers from 1-4 lbs and 50 largemouth bass over 4 lbs! Here are the pics I have, more pics to follow as they trickle in:

Just a fitting pic to end the day! More pics and videos to follow. If you dont see your pic on here, its because you havent sent it over yet!!

Here are some more pics just sent in!

There are still about half of the groups out fishing who have yet to email in their pics! Come on fellas, lets see the fish!

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