Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Peoria County Trophy Bass Lake

I have been working with this 20 acre lake in Peoria County for a few years now and managing it for TROPHY largemouth bass. This lake has produced more 5+ lb largemouth bass so far this year than perhaps any lake in Central Illinois.

There are a few other factors that contribute to the bounty of big bass, but the backbone of this management plan is to remove all bass less than 13 inches long to reduce competition. Lakes around here just produce too many bass, so a very quick way to grow BIGGER bass is to simply remove all of the competition. You have to become a bass predator and wipe em all out:

Chef Todd went out fishing to this lake last Friday and caught his biggest bass in the last 3 years:

Then Chris pulled in what is said to be the biggest bass Chef Todd has personally seen caught in Illinois:

For those who don't know, Chef is pretty hardcore when it comes to fishing and cooking. Two monster bass in one morning of fishing has gotten Chef pretty jacked up for some summertime carolina rigging on some old gravel road beds in this lake. In fact if you talk to him about this lake, the conversation (and the whole world) will almost come to a complete halt as he starts to shake a bit to set the stage for his upcoming fish tale.

Anyhow, managing lakes for big fish is pretty fun stuff, Chef Todd telling a fish story is fun stuff too! If you havent had a chance to fish or eat with Chef, you will get a few opportunities at the Hooked On Fishing Park this summer! Also Chef will be guiding and catering several wild game and fish fry events for me for some of my clients at their properties. I have him pretty booked up this summer, but if your interested in having him out for cooking or fishing or preferrably both, it is an experience you will never forget. Just shoot me an email for his contact info and availability.

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